How to grow your business through website by doing some seo
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How to grow your business through the website by doing SEO?

Is that your business doesn’t reach your preferred audience? Why? The one and the only reason is that, if your SEO website doesn’t perform well, it can’t reach your preferred audience.

How to grow your website by doing SEO
Do some SEO for your website to get some good result for your page

So, what will you do to solve this problem?

It can be only solved by doing SEO on your website. Actually, what is SEO?. it’s doing some optimization on your website by using a set of standards that are maintained by the search engine. These set of standards can make your website an identifiable one, so your preferred audience or customers can reach you easily.

How SEO works?

SEO work starts from the analysis of keywords from your website. Those keywords will be the most searched on by the customers. Keywords will only be selected by analyzing your opponents and checking its volume, competition etc.

Then will check your website loading speed, spam score, broken links, whether there is a 404 error page etc. Because Google will only rank your page if it has all these things perfect.


Moving on to the next step, ie, how these keywords can be distributed to your inner pages. So, that your customers can land on the exact page.

These steps are off-page preparations and they are initial steps that are done on any page before an SEO work.


Actual work starts with on-page optimization that is by creating the title and description for each page i.e., these step is important and a compulsory one. Because when a web page is searched you will see a set of the description under the title these are called the snippet. That is usually created by using your webpages description and some of the contents of your web page. That description will surely contain your query that you have searched in the search box.

You should choose the title that contains your keyword and also make sure to include your keywords in your description. It’s important to maintain a perfect word count in your description, as specified by Google.


You should check whether it contains Meta tag. If it does not contain any Meta tags you should create one. You should also check that there are any social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest etc. are linked to that website.


After all these steps do you think that SEO works have been finished?? NO, never! It is only the beginning, my friend. SEO is not a single process of building a website. It’s a process of maintaining your website in a standard position in a large volume of other websites.

Doing an SEO work is like planting your favorite plant in a pot. That is plant needs total care from day one to the last day it lives. Yes exactly as you think SEO work is same as planting a plant that is a web page in a search engine. A plant can only give results only when it gets proper care like giving water, should have a better soil, proper light etc. Similarly, a website needs such care. Every time because of search algorithms gets updates every time these can affect your website position drastically. So you have an awareness about those updates and your websites current status, only then you can maintain such standard position.


We had already discussed several steps and analysis but do you know actually how those ranking is maintained throughout?

It’s by making backlinks by writing articles, making slides, infographics, video etc. those should be submitted to blogs that have good Domain Authority then only the website will get a valuable backlink. These process of making all those listed items should be performed a countable amount in every month in order to maintain your position or ranking. You should always check that, the content on your website should be unique and there should not be any copied content or any copied images.

All of these listed items should be done every time until it should achieve a good position or ranking. Without an SEO work your online business or a website can’t get any profit or any income. Actually, when you are planning to create a website you should consider an SEO person so he/she can help you by selecting from the first step like choosing a domain by analyzing your competitors and their websites. She/he can help you from scratch setting up a good website so there will not be any risk of doing more SEO works on your website.


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