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Renting A Car In The UAE: Everything You Have To Think About Leasing

Figuring out whether to lease or lease – or even pay per kilometer – is sufficient to make your head spin in the UAE. Be that as it may, for a nation where maintenance and servicing costs are higher and increasingly regular thanks to the soaring temperatures, it is frequently observed as an easier choice.

Give us a chance to break down all the choices for you.

Short Term

The traditionalists

Hertz, Thrifty, Sixt, Dollar, Budget… you have probably dealt with at least one of these while picking up a rental car in an outside destination on some trek, and indeed, they do all exist in the UAE, as well.


This UAE-based company straddles the line between present moment and long haul renting, and offers drivers an alternative to pay for how far they travel, rather than billing them for a set timeframe.

With PayPerKay, you pay for the kilometers you drive via a versatile app. You purchase kilometer packages as you proceed to top up as you need. Each month, you are credited with 1,000 free kilometers, and any kilometers left over will be moved over to the following month.

Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t top up your kilometers in time, when you reach 0km, you will be charged at multiple times the rate of your month to month plan.

It is a decent alternative for anyone running around Dubai or Abu Dhabi once in a while, however probably not fit to those traveling further afield, or doing the Abu Dhabi-Dubai drive each day.

PayPerKay offers long haul and transient choices, with basic costs from Dh862 for a Kia Picanto on a nine-month lease, before purchasing kilometer packs.

Long haul

The traditionalists

Again, this is as yet the realm of Hertz, Thrifty, Sixt, Dollar, Budget et al. While car aggregation destinations won’t help you as much with negotiating long haul rentals (although a few people swear by it), it is useful to go to talk to a human at the company and check whether you can work out a long haul rate. Epic Rent a Car offers probably the most focused rates we have seen and are available to negotiation. Timing is crucial here, however – on the off chance that you are trying to barter for a decent rate in winter, you may be less effective than in summer, when less individuals are in the nation.


The contrast among leasing and renting typically lies in the period of time over which you are paying off the bill. Leasing traditionally means renting a car for at least a year, and the more drawn out the contract, the cheaper the month to month cost. Some Budget cars rental UAE companies will even purchase a brand-new car (frequently of your decision) in the event that you agree to a certain length of lease. Many leasing idealists trust it is the way to go in the long haul, yet this clearly relies upon what kind of rental rate you are dealing with. Some considerably favor it to owning a car.

However, is it really cheaper than buying? According to data from Shift in 2015, leasing was more practical for UAE inhabitants – costing Dh1,770 every month for a four-entryway saloon over a year time frame, versus Dh1,946 for a purchaser. Hang on to the car for four years and Shift says a leaser will pay Dh1,370 a month during that period, against Dh1,477 for the car proprietor.

The vast majority of the traditional rental companies – the Hertzs, Budgets and Dollars – will offer leasing choices, as will the more regionally explicit outlets. Their rates start from about Dh1,300 for a 2015 Toyota Yaris, up to about Dh2,800 for another SUV.


Just need a car for 60 minutes? What about 15 minutes? Regardless of whether you need a car for 10 minutes or 10 hours, the UAE’s most current hiring idea has got you secured.

Two companies, ekar and Udrive, are bridging the immense gap between another person taking the wheel for you and buying or renting a car to direct yourself on a permanent basis.

The transient car-rental apps are a relatively new idea for this nation, and one that may take the average driver a short time to get their head around. The basic equation is truly basic, however: pick your app, download it, register, at that point find a car to lease via a GPS-enabled in-app map. The cars are spread out so you will never be far from one should you need it. All you have to do is pull up the app and search for one, which leads us to the main distinction between regular car rental in Dubai companies and this new generation: different humans are largely not required here.

When you have instantly saved your vehicle after locating the nearest car to you, on arrival, you open it using the app, at that point punch in a pre-designated PIN to a keypad in the glovebox, which releases the start key. ekar is available just in Dubai and costs 50 fils for every minute, which works out at Dh30 every hour, including VAT, while there are also daily rates for various indicated cars; Udrive, which is available in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, is 50 fils for each minute, which you may have spotted is the exact same as its rival, although they bar VAT in this case.

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