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What does Kanpur Offer to Job Aspirants?

Are you looking for opportune career options in the city of Kanpur? Whether you are a fresh graduate standing at the threshold of professional life or an experienced professional looking to switch for better options, here we discuss all the prospects this city has to offer.

In the previous years, Kanpur has had a major role as an industrial town of India. Even today, it is well-known for its manufacturing units of clothing and textile industries. Leather is another industry which has a noticeable presence here.  All of these industries act as major sources of employment opportunities in Kanpur. Those individuals who are specially looking for opportunities in the retail and manufacturing business have good prospects. The prominent backgrounds involved in these areas are chemistry and chemical engineering. Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and chemical engineering are the basic educational qualifications for these. Warehouse executives, logistics manager, quality inspection specialists, packaging and supply chain manager, and transport manager are some of the job profiles associated with the export and import of these manufacturing units.

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Another domain for good employment opportunities in Kanpur is education. The city has India’s fifth ranking engineering institute, the prestigious IIT Kanpur. The Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University is one of the largest universities in Asia catering to urban as well as rural students, and offers prospects in all of the major disciplines – Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Engineering, Biotechnology, Computer Applications, Management and Medicine. Those looking to enter the teaching profession have a very good future with a specialisation in any of these numerous academic fields. The Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College is another prestigious institute for professional teaching options. If you are a fresher, you can begin with assistant positions.

Administrative jobs are also a huge part of colleges and universities, and Kanpur therefore, has much in this to offer. Since accounts also play a major role here, you could explore accounting jobs in Kanpur at its various educational institutes and manufacturing units.

With the Kanpur metro on its way, it brings with it many new employment opportunities as well. Not only will this create opportunities within the metro rail, but also lead to the setting up of food and banking services at the stations, thus generating a wider range of jobs.

If you are looking for a meaningful career in the field of your choice, you must start by choosing the right sources. While newspapers and magazines are a traditional option to look for jobs in Kanpur, it is smarter to go online. You could join a professional networking site, online job portal or e-recruitment agency to give you a better head starts. Make sure you have a resume that reflects the best of your skills and abilities, as that is the first mark you leave on your potential employers. If you prepare well from your end, getting a great opportunity will take almost no time. Get started.

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